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Complex numerical simulations are critical to the work of scientists, but they take time. You need to learn new input file formats, manually deploy simulations to supercomputers, and then wait hours, weeks or months for simulations to run.


  • What if less expertise was required for simulations?
  • What if simulations were orders of magnitude faster?
  • What if you could explore the entire design space and stay on schedule?

We saw an opportunity to abstract away the process of deployment and parameter optimisation. Using emulation methods, we enabled access to actionable results in a tiny fraction of the time.

Our technology was born the Department of Physics at Oxford University, and the positive response our first iteration met within our community far exceeded anything we’d imagined. This propelled us to build the Discovery Platform, our full-fledged simulation management and acceleration platform.

With our game-changing technology, AI expertise and proactive collaboration, we empower our customers to discover new possibilities.


The forward-thinking businesses and institutions backing our pioneering work.

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Like our technology, our business is built on strong foundations. As a company, we exist to empower our customers with powerful solutions and supportive service to help fast-track the innovations the world needs.

Our purpose is progress

We exist to empower R&D that leads to a step change in discovery and innovation.

Our passion is performance

We are driven to simplify complexity, accelerate process, and fast-track the future.

Our promise is partnership

We are a trusted ally for innovators, providing a streamlined, user-centric experience.

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